Swollen Bump: The Pregnant Comics Bonanza

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It's a special May-Ternity* event! Some of the best and brightest artists have come together to bring you the biggest, heaviest, ready to pop collection of maternity stories for readers 18 and over! From veterans with 20+ years of experiences to the newest faces on the scene, it's an earth-shaking, water-breaking 90 pages of comics themed around pregnancy. 

We've got science fiction! Fantasy! Furries! Realistic pregnancy! Absurdly exaggerated pregnancy! Explicit scenes for the 18 and over! Playful non-explicit stories that are STILL for 18 and over! Our stars may contain children themselves, but this book is not for kids. 

Swollen Bump contains the following all-new, never-before-published comic stories:

  • "The Clue In The Hidden Cave" by Supercake Studios
  • "Leda" by Xin Jin Meng
  • "Meta Mama" by Gravidtron
  • "My Mail Order Breedable Sex Robot Can't Be This Cute!" by Super Llama
  • "Ms. Test's Big Week" by Basketstar
  • "Chani's Star: Play/Due Date" by Hidon Redux and Re-Phage
  • "Space Story" by Nin-Lil
  • "Meet the Doggos" by Super Llama
  • "Kitty Is Pregnant Again" by Mamabliss
  • "Tuyen and Mimi in: Chili Today, Hot Tamale; or, Chili Con Carnage" by Numerico

Swollen Bump was nearly two years in the making, just like a baby elephant, but now it's ready to trumpet loud and come running into your arms. 

*"Mer-May"? What's that??

I want this!

90+ pages of pregnant comics

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Swollen Bump: The Pregnant Comics Bonanza

7 ratings
I want this!